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Amplify Horse Racing Reopens Mentorship Program Application

Amplify Horse Racing, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit promoting education and careers in the Thoroughbred industry to youth and young adults, has reopened their mentorship program application for 2022. The program formalizes the process of pairing young adults interested in pursuing a Thoroughbred industry career, with experienced industry professionals who can offer guidance.
Mentee candidates should demonstrate a strong interest to learn and desire to work in the Thoroughbred industry. The suggested age range is 18-25, and there are no restrictions based on academic achievement. Amplify prioritizes applicants with little to no industry work experience, and they must be residents of the United States or Canada. The 2022 program application timeline is January 10 through August 12, and the program duration for each mentor-mentee pair is three months, as determined by acceptance and start date. Eligible mentors can apply at any time.
For more information, see attatched. To learn more about the program and apply today, visit, and contact for more information.