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Academic Affairs: Deadlines & Updates


  • 2nd Friday (January 17) is the last day to add a class without petitioning/a course late-add fee (instructor permissionis required to add a course throughout the second week)
  • 4th Friday (January 31) is the last day to: 
    • Drop a course without receiving a “W” on your record
    • Drop a course using online registration (for returning students; new freshman/transfer students should contact a College Academic Counselor to drop a course)
    • Register for Audit or Pass/Non-Pass options for a course
    • Submit a Grade Forgiveness Petition form (must already be registered for the repeated course)
  • 10th Friday (March 20) is the last day to:
    • Drop a course using the Course Permission Form without a petition. Note: Courses dropped will show a “W” on your record.


The deadlines above refer to full-term classes. View the University Registrar’s website for a full detailed list of academic dates and deadlines for all sessions. Call 614-292-6891 if you need an appointment with a CFAES College Academic Counselor.