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Outstanding Senior Award Applications

CFAES Outstanding Senior Award Applications are now available! The attached application form for the 2018 Outstanding Senior Award is available here or attached. All undergraduate students graduating with a bachelor’s degree during 2018 are eligible to apply. Each senior has approached his/her college experience in his/her own way, based not only on pursuing academic and extra-curricular interests, but also in managing time and other obligations outside college life. Whether they have chosen to be actively involved in a wide number of activities and organizations or whether they have chosen to focus on a few efforts and balance work and/or family, this application provides individuals with the opportunity to share their own OSU story in a number of ways. The department is looking forward to recognizing the accomplishments of 20 outstanding studens! 

With any questions, contact Dr. Warren Flood. Likewise, help sessions are available. Dates, times, and locations for these help sessions will be posted and publicized via the link provided above. The deadline for submitting applications is January 22, 2018. The group of Outstanding Senior Award recipients will be recognized at their own special program to be held in late-March, early-April this year.