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ASM 3330 - Grain Handling, Drying, and Milling

Looking to take a free or technical elective this spring? We are offering a new course in Agricultural Systems Management; ASM 3330 - Grain Handling, Drying, and Milling. I have attached a flyer with more details. Students will gain knowledge on the principles of handling, drying, storing, and milling grain. Grain handling equipment discussed will include grain pits, drag and belt conveyors, augers, bucket elevator, and hazard monitoring devices. Drying and storage techniques will include dryeration, in-bin counterflow drying, batch and continuous flow systems. Dry milling principles will include methods, applications, and parameters such as separation of particle size by sieve.

Lecture: Monday & Wednesday 11:30-12:25PM

Lab: Wednesday 12:40-3:45PM

  *There is a second lab section from 3:55-6:40PM that is waitlisted; if you are interested in the course and this is the ONLY time that will work for the lab, please join the waitlist. If there is enough interest, I am more than happy to open this section.

See the attached syllabus for more information.