Mill Ridge Farm

Equine and Sales Representative

The Equine and Sales Coordinator is responsible for day-to-day administration of the sales business as well as the on-farm and off-farm bloodstock. This role has two distinct seasons. During Breeding Season, this position will book in-bound and out-bound mares, as well as provide supporting communication to management, farms, and clients. With the Sales Season, this position will focus on recruitment, execution, and management of the Mill Ridge Sales consignment. Throughout the year, this position is also responsible for on-going horse administration in Horse Farm Management.


• Book on-farm broodmares to stallions, including scheduling vanning 
• Book off-farm broodmares to on-farm stallions 
• Record and maintain records on all breeding activity both on and off farm 
• Obtain, record, and maintain records on all foaling activity 
• Generate and distribute all related reports

• Assist with auction recruitment 
• Manage and administrate sales consignment 
• Assist with sales targeting of individual horses 
• Assist team with prep strategy and execution 
• Various sale related responsibilities during season

• Maintain health and registration records for all bloodstock 
• Record horse arrivals and departures 
• Prepare lists for blacksmith, vaccinations, and other routine procedures 
• Input procedures as needed 
• Monitor and oversee health tablet check in from farm employees 
• Transmit vet procedures to Hagyard Equine Medical 
• Complete all nominations and registrations 
• Maintain inventory and pricing for drugs, procedures, and supplies 
• Serve as liaison with bloodstock insurance agencies 
• Assist with review of monthly billing 
• Prepare, assist with and send client reports

- Background in the thoroughbred industry 
- Horse Farm Management 
- Strong verbal and written communication skills 
- Excel, Word and Outlook 
- Highly organized

Please have submit your resume and cover letter to Sarah at Mill Ridge at