REACH Training

REACH© is the name of the OSU suicide prevention gatekeeper training program designed to help the OSU community prevent suicide by teaching faculty, staff, and students how to: Recognize warning signs, Engage with empathy, Ask about suicide, Communicate hope, and Help suicidal individuals access care and treatment. Students, staff, and faculty who attend this training will be certified suicide prevention gatekeepers and will receive an official certificate, as well as a pin, to display their achievements.

Every semester, OSUSPP offers open trainings in which students, staff, and faculty can pre-register for and attend. OSUSPP has pre-chosen the dates, times, and locations for these open trainings.  

We believe that suicide prevention is a shared campus responsibility and we hope that you all will help build a campus culture of care by spreading the word about these trainings, as well as attending one yourself. To pre-register for an open training or to schedule a group training, please follow the link copied below. The flyer can be found here.