2019 Dairy Farm Internship

The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute (OSU/ATI) is 2 year technical school located in Wooster, Ohio.  The OSU/ATI Dairy Farm is 100 cow Holstein and Jersey herd that exist to provide practical experience to students during the Fall and Spring semesters.  The OSU/ATI Dairy Farm strives to be a modern efficient and profitable dairy, with their main goal being to provide valuable educational experiences for their students.  In an effort to provide greater opportunities for learning they offer a Summer Internship that will be available from May through August.

Their internship is suitable for students of any class rank we have even had a few graduate students in the past.  The internship will focus on the day to day application of management practices and the intern will rotate between four different jobs: Feeding, Milking, Calf and Heifer Raising, and Health and Reproduction. The goal of the internship is to help the intern see how management decisions effect day to day operations, and also how worker performance effects management decisions.  You will also be exposed to management programs like PCDart, CowManager, and TMR Tracker, as well as working with other support personnel.

Pay will be an Hourly Wage with a Max of 38 hours per week

We can assist to you in finding housing in the Wooster Area

Contact Brandon Lawwill Asst Herd Manager at lawwill.1@osu.edu.