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TEDx Ohio State University

Ticket sales for TEDxOhioStateUniversity’s 6th annual event have been live for a couple weeks now, and we're predicting to sell out by the middle of next week, so purchase your tickets ASAP! This year’s theme, Precipice, will offer our nine speakers and three performers an opportunity to take you to the very edge – and past the limits and boundaries – of ideas worth spreading. Our event will be on March 25, 2017, from 9am - 2pm in the Ohio Union Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom.Lunch is included! Tickets are $20 for students and $25 for non-students. To view the speaker lineup, purchase your tickets, and register for the event, visit the site.

They also are accepting bulk ticket orders. To do this, simply send a list of attendees, specifically each attendee's Name and Email Address to with the subject line "TEDx Event Bulk Order - [Name of your Company/Group]". If you do not know the name/email address for specific attendees, feel free to use your/buyer's name/email. They just need to assign a name and email to each ticket purchased. Once the list of attendees has been sent, please give Avish Jain, a member on the Logistics Committee, a call at 330-612-7168 with your credit card information ready. He will process your payment over the phone and send a payment confirmation email with all the tickets as well.