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Department of Animal Sciences


Faculty Want to Get to Know You!

Under the leadership of our new Department Chair, Dr. John Foltz, the faculty in the Department of Animal Sciences embarked on a Visioning for the Future exercise on February 27, with the aid of two OSU personnel serving a meeting facilitators. The purpose of the meeting was to learn of our strengths, what are needs for improvement, opportunities and threats for future endeavors, and how do we position ourselves to excel in the future. One of the first questions asked of the faculty by the facilitators was “Why are you here?” – no not to recite of the FFA motto at the beginning of the meeting, but a reflection on why we choose to work here. It is important for you as students to realize that the top two responses were because: 1) the faculty enjoy teaching students and assisting in their personal and professional development and 2) the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge. It’s important for you to realize that faculty enjoy their jobs because of YOU!