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Graduate Funding Opportunity at Ohio State

The College of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University is now accepting applications for the David White Graduate Fellowship. The college is part of the most comprehensive health sciences center in the United States and offers interdisciplinary research training opportunities for graduate students, leading to careers as independent biomedical scientists.

Three departments in the college encompass a wide range of comparative and veterinary research, including Veterinary Biosciences, Veterinary Clinical Sciences, and Veterinary Preventive Medicine, which provides the major agricultural and public health focus for the college.

A new international focus on “One Health” recognizes the crucial links between human, animal and environmental health. With the guidance of exceptional, world-renowned faculty, students in Comparative and Veterinary Medicine can also specialize in signature areas that include:
Infectious Diseases
- Antimicrobial resistance mechanisms
- Pathobiology, treatment and prevention of viruses - Host response to infection and local microbial communities
- Ecology of pathogen emergence and spread
Comparative and Translational Oncology
Neuromusculoskeletal/Regenerative Medicine

Please see the attached flyer for more information. Applictions are due April 1, 2017. Questions can be directed to Kathy Froilan, Graduate Program Coordinator,, 614-247-7649.