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Submit a 2017 Targeting Excellence Scholarship Application

The scholarship application is now open to the Targeting Excellence program for supporting students with an interest in agriculture. Detailed information about the application process is located at this link. The deadline for applications is March 31, 2017.

Scholarships will be awarded to both undergraduate as well as graduate & veterinary students enrolled in a food animal agriculture related curriculum at an institution that offers agriculture degrees.

A total of $177,000 will be awarded in 2017 from the applications that are submitted. Scholarship amounts will be based on the program in which the student is enrolled for the Fall 2017 semester: $1,000 for 2-year programs, $2,000 for 4-year programs, and $3,000 for graduate & veterinary programs. Preference will be given to students who attend schools in regions where fundraising events were held in 2016. The preference regions for 2017 awards are Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Limited awards as also available in Indiana and Wisconsin where Targeting Excellence is officially hosting 1st annual events in 2017. Additional consideration will be given to students who previously attended any Targeting Excellence event. Finally, preference will always be given to applicants with a desire to work in some aspect of food animal agriculture. Winners will be selected by a scholarship selection committee comprised of members of the Targeting Excellence Board of Directors and regional leaders involved in food animal agriculture.