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Heimerl Farms Internship

Heimerl Farms is a highly dedicated family run farming operation located 20 minutes northeast of Columbus in Johnstown, Ohio. Johnstown is home to not only their main office, but also the farm which started their swine enterprise many years ago. The main office is responsible for payroll, record keeping, computer operations, phone calls, feed ordering and processing, etc., which are necessary for their business. One major component vital to their operation located in Johnstown is their recently added on to feed processing facility. At this state of the art facility nearly 60% of our pigs are fed through the feed processed here each day. Although the main office is located in Johnstown, Heimerl Farms Ltd. has many swine operations located throughout the state. Even though they are most widely known for their Swine operations in Ohio, raising Holstein Cattle, plus farming several thousand acres makes Heimerl Farms a vital family oriented farming operation in the state. If this is something you would be interested in, see the attached promortional flyer and the attached internship.