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Stauffer Farms Internship

Stauffer Farms LLC is a 3800 cow dairy in northern St. Lawrence county NY.  They raise replacements and crop 3700 acres of corn silage and haylage.  The dairy facilities are modern, constructed over the span of 2009-2018. Wet calves are raised in a combination of calf barn and hutches. Bigger heifers are raised in retrofitted dairy barns, with some being custom raised. They have undergone a major expansion in 2017-2018 and are currently milking in twin, double 24 parallel parlors.

The business approach of Stauffer Farms LLC is to promote efficiency in every way possible. They have aggressively invested capital to achieve this and are currently shipping over 1,600,000 lbs of milk per worker. They are also very comfortable investing in and learning technology as a way to increase efficiency and profitability. Unlike many large dairies, their labor force is predominantly local.  While in the past they have raised all forage and heifers, their latest expansion has been made possible by entering into forage and heifer raising agreements with neighboring farms. 

They are currently looking for an intern at their facility. The position will pay $12.00 per hour plus room and board (a guest room in one of the partner’s house). For more information on the position and how to apply, see the attachment