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Department of Animal Sciences


Dairy Farmer Supervisor

The position is located at the Farm, Federal Correctional Complex, Lompoc, CA. The purpose is to provide milk and milk products to institutions in the Western Region of the Bureau of Prisons. The incumbent supervises the institution's dairy operation which consists of dairy herd management, milking, milk processing, packaging, and shipping. He/she is responsible for the overall day-to-day operations of the dairy herd enterprise, trains and supervises approximately 30 inmate (20 to 25 per shift) workers, and provides them guidance and direction in order for the work to flow as required to accomplish the assigned tasks. Incumbent is responsible for the planning and assignment of limited, but necessary, weekend, and holiday work. Salary ranges from $29.61-$34.55 per hour. For additional information, visit this link or reach out to Fred Hayes at 805-315-3074. Applications are due by March 6!