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Wooster Mastitis and Mammary Physiology Laboratory Position

Are you interested in increasing your understanding of dairy cattle health, mastitis, and mammary gland biology and how they affect milk production? The Mastitis and Mammary Physiology Laboratory located in Wooster, Ohio focuses on these questions to improve dairy cattle health and productivity. Located in the largest dairy county in the state, Wooster, Ohio has a cozy small-town feel surrounded my farmland and Amish country. Their laboratory group focuses on group collaboration and professional development to help you achieve your professional and academic goals and begin your future career.
Preferred qualifications of a potential PhD student would be a MS in Dairy Science, Animal Science, Veterinary Science, Biology, a related field, or a student with a DVM that has an interest in understanding mammary physiology. Students seeking a MS degree area also encouraged to apply.

Interested individuals should contact Dr. Enger ( and provide their transcript, CV, and a writing sample.

For more information on the position, see attatched.