Math 2010S Intersections of Mathematics and Society: Hidden Figures

The course Math 2010S Intersections of Mathematics and Society: Hidden Figures (GE: Open Option, Service Learning, Social Diversity in the US [pending], Culture and Ideas [pending]) is being highlighted. It is believed the course not only embodies the ideals of ‘Education for Citizenship’ that drive our University’s mission, but also offers a timely space to discuss historical issues of diversity and inclusion within the STEM community. The course will be offered for the second time in Spring 2021.  

This course was inspired by the Hidden Figures text that was turned into an awarding winning film of the same name. The goal of this course is use the story of the Hidden Figures in the book to study diversity and inclusion in mathematical communities, and to better understand the mathematical tools used during the Space Race. Students will be paired with local STEM leaders to learn how community has aided their professional careers, and to learn how to describe the specialized tools used in their work. Ultimately, at the end of the course students should be able to answer the question: “What can I do with quantitative training outside of academia, and what communities should I be a part of to help me get where I want to go?”