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Midwest Poultry Consortium

OSU is a member of the Midwest Poultry Consortium Center of Excellence Program. Several Ohio State students have participated in MPC’s COE program and OSU professor Dr. Cressman teaches at the Center of Excellence. The COE is a summer experience for students and allows students to take 9 credits of poultry science courses on scholarship. Courses run May 17 – June 25, planned to be in person at Iowa State University for 2021 (all scholarships include on-campus housing at ISU).  See the attachment for course descriptions. 

After classes, students move into poultry internships. The internships are paid and if you are not near home, housing is included.  The deadline to apply is December 1st.  All students enrolled in a undergraduate program at OSU can apply, although students must have completed a college level chemistry course prior to starting COE. Students who start COE before their senior year have the opportunity to taken both sessions of COE classes, which will earn them 18 credits and a poultry science emphasis.

More information on COE can be found here