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Kalmbach Swine Internship

Kalmbach Swine Management, Ohio’s largest pork producer, has an exciting, paid summer internship opportunity designed for college students with a livestock production career path. We are offering a three month summer internship at our sow farms designed to provide well-balanced exposure to porcine medicine, research, and management in a large scale production setting. 

Interns chosen for the program will be given the opportunity to work directly with our swine production, veterinarian and nutrition teams. The goal of the internship is to provide a global perspective of how a highly productive large scale sow farm is managed while exposing the student to the myriad of practical and managerial skill sets needed to produce pigs at a high level. Input into the internship is welcome and our team will work to tailor the framework to meet a student’s interests.

More information can be found here.