Parasitology Student Worker

The College of Veterinary Medicine, Parasitology Section is looking for an upbeat, positive, and responsible undergraduate who might have an interest in veterinary parasites and would be willing to work in the VM III teaching laboratory.  The student worker will learn about the parasites and the techniques we use in the laboratory.  We have one or two openings Spring 2020 semester, generally Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, from January until the end of March.  The laboratory helper is required to assist with the lab setup (anywhere from 11 am to 12:10 pm) and take down the labs (breakdown 4:45-5:30 pm).  The helper can participate in the laboratories (1 to 5 pm) if they wish.  

Please send a brief cover letter/email indicating your interest and attach your resume and Spring 2020 course schedule.  Deadline November 8, 2019.   Email to  You will be contacted you for a follow up interview.  Course schedules and availability play a key role in the selection process.    

If you have additional questions, please contact Antoinette Marsh, 614.292.8335.