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OSU CVM Parasitology Laboratory Assistant Internship

Are you interested in gaining experience for veterinary school or applied animal health?  Are you also interested in working with veterinary students and capturing a glimpse into life in veterinary school?  The parasitology program in the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine is offering an internship opportunity to an undergraduate student to participate as a teaching laboratory helper in the third year veterinary parasitology laboratory.  As an assistant, you handle a variety of samples and learn several laboratory techniques to analyze those samples.  You also learn details about internal gastrointestinal parasites as well as external parasites and become familiar with identifying parasites and their structures through the use of a microscope.  By interacting with veterinary students and personnel of the college, you have the chance to see what is expected of an individual at the professional level.  This is a unique experience where you can gain knowledge in a specialized topic, veterinary parasitology.  You must commit to 3 hours per week (Jan 10 through Feb 24); Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 4:30-5:30.  Training starts (4 hrs) before Spring semester (during fall semester).  To gain transcript credit for the internship, we start the process prior to spring semester.

For more information regarding this internship opportunity, please contact Dr. Marsh (email:; phone: 614-292-8335; office: 1900 Coffey Road, A192 Sisson Hall).