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Kentucky Equine Management Internship

The Kentucky Equine Management Internship is planning to host interns for our upcoming Spring Reproduction and Breeding session to be held January 11-June 11, 2021 with some minor modifications to the academic portion of the course.

Applications will be accepted (postmarked) through October 31, 2020.

KEMI is also hosting weekly Info/Q&A  sessions for any students who might be interested.  Students are invited to "attend" any of these sessions. To attend, please email  Leslie Janecka at

The Info session schedule is listed here:
Monday, August 31 - 10am EST
Monday, September 7 - 4pm EST
Tuesday, September 15 - 1pm EST
Wednesday, September 23 - 9am EST
Thursday, October 1 - 5pm EST
Monday, October 5 - 1 pm EST
Tuesday, October 13 - 9am EST
Wednesday, October 21 - 1pm EST
Tuesday, October 27 - 4pm EST