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Department of Animal Sciences


CFAES Student Ambassador Program

The CFAES Ambassador Team is made up of 25-35 undergraduate students who serve as the face of the college to prospective students, guests, alumni, and donors.  In addition to representing the college, CFAES ambassadors have an abundance of opportunities to develop communication and team building skills, take part in a national leadership conference, engage in professional development, and interact personally with leaders at the college level, university level, and beyond.

Information Sessions (not required to apply)

·         September 25 (W) from 5:20-6:15pm in Ag Admin room 250A

·         October 22 (Tu) from 10:20-11:15am in Kottman Hall room 116

·         January 22 (W) from 11:30am-12:25pm, Location TBA

·         January 23 (Th) from 5:20-6:15pm, Location TBA

Application & Interview Process (online)

·         November 1 - Application opens online

·         February 3 - Applications due

·         February 10 - Preliminary interviews

·         February 14 - Final interviews

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