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Cargill Dairy Internship Application

 Cargill will again be looking for outstanding students that are looking for an opportunity to get a better understanding of what a Dairy Consultant does as well as to challenge themselves on doing a meaningful project during the summer of ’17. Their internship program enables you to learn more about Cargill Animal Nutrition and career opportunities for Consultants. Challenging projects, along with the chance to interact with Cargill employees and business partners, make this a valuable work experience. 

Cargill Dairy Consultants are responsible for interacting with clients and prospective customers, helping them understand how Cargill can provide solutions for them and improve their profitability. Consultants typically specialize in expertise areas, which include dairy, beef, swine, and retail sales to owners of companion animals.

Below is the link for you to apply for positions available across the US. 

Position Link:  Dairy Sales Consultant Intern 2017 – UNI04575