Dairy Summit Essay Contest

The objective of the essay is to clearly define a problem or issue in today’s dairy industry and details of how the student’s educational plans or career plans may be able to oer solutions to solve the problem or address the issue. The essay is limited to a two-page maximum and should not be a resume or personal story. The submissions will be scored on a rubric that focusses on the clear statement of a problem/issue and how the student plans to generate potential solutions. Judges will be industry professionals who are familiar with emerging trends and topics. Writing skills and overall professionalism of the essay are included in the rubric. This contest is open to college juniors, seniors and master’s degree candidates. A student is defined as being enrolled in a university during the 2018 academic year. Student’s designated to graduate during the 2018 academic year will be considered. Essays are due September 10th! See the attachment for more information!