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Unique Course Now Offered

Looking for a unique course to take this fall?   CFAES Dean Kress and Dr. Hitzhusen from ENR will be offering a Group Studies course (ENR/FAES 5194) titled “What Does it Mean to be a Good Person?” 

This course allows students to reflect on life-long questions of what it means to be a good person. Who do we think we are? How can we live well? What are the principles, patterns, and outcomes of good lives lived by good people as understood through different perspectives? How do we find our own authentic voice and direction amid personal challenges, family life, and food, agricultural and environmental careers? This course is designed to explore these and related questions, and to provide students an opportunity to discuss these ideas with peers, instructors, and community leaders. Students are encouraged to adopt an inquiring, anthropological mind as we explore readings for clues as to what we believe.

Please see the attached course flyer for additional details.