Histotechnologist Certificate Program

Do you have a bachelor’s degree in science with an emphasis on biology or chemistry? Are you a problem solver, accurate, dependable, able to work well under pressure, and driven to complete tasks once started? If your answer is yes, consider learning more about the newly created certificate in histotechnology program! Histotechnologists are an integral component of most patient diagnoses. There is demand for high quality histotechnologists and positions are available in a variety of settings including human and animal clinics and hospitals, private pathology labs, forensics labs, and research labs. There are even opportunities to be a traveling tech!


If this has caught your attention, check out this website (https://pathology.osu.edu/ext/academics/histotechnology.html) or contact the program administrator (Kathy Tober, Kathleen.tober@osumc.edu) for more information. See the attachment