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Resume Templates

Résumé Templates


  • Use the resume formats provided as guides to writing your own resume.
  • Start a resume on a fresh Word document and create the look you desire.
  • Utilize the TAB key when creating indentations, not the space bar
  • Utilize the programmed bullets in Word, not symbols
  • Use more than one example per section if you have them.
  • Keep formatting the same through each section.
  • Edit your font to adjust the area that your text takes up. Some fonts are slightly larger than others.


  • Use a template from a computer program like Word.  These templates are often very difficult to update or add content to over time.
  • Copy the resume content exactly, even when it doesn’t fit your needs.
  • Use differing formats in each section of your resume.
  • Copy/paste symbols to use for bullets or lines
  • Use any font larger than 12 point. This is obnoxious.



Are you interested in having your resume reviewed by our career services team?  Submit your resume here[MB2]  in Word document form (no PDF’s please) from your Buckeye Mail account.

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