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Resume Templates



  • Use the resume formats provided as guides to writing your own resume.
  • Start a resume on a fresh Word document and create the look you desire.
  • Utilize the TAB key when creating indentations, not the space bar
  • Utilize the programmed bullets in Word, not symbols
  • Use more than one example per section if you have them.
  • Keep formatting the same through each section.
  • Edit your font to adjust the area that your text takes up. Some fonts are slightly larger than others.


  • Use a template from a computer program like Word.  These templates are often very difficult to update or add content to over time.
  • Copy the resume content exactly, even when it doesn’t fit your needs.
  • Use differing formats in each section of your resume.
  • Copy/paste symbols to use for bullets or lines
  • Use any font larger than 12 point. This is obnoxious.


  • Chronological Resume Template 1        Word    pdf
  • Chronological Resume Template 2        Word    pdf
  • Functional Resume Template 1             Word    pdf
  • Functional Resume Template 2             Word    pdf
  • Combination Resume Template 1          Word    pdf
  • Combination Resume Template 2          Word    pdf

Are you interested in having your resume reviewed by our career services team?  Submit your resume in Word document form (no PDF’s please) from your Buckeye Mail account.  Emails coming from an outside source (non-OSU account) will not be opened.