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Department of Animal Sciences


Important SP23 Registration Announcements

Registration for the 2023 Spring Semester is Almost Here. We want to share with you some of the changes in the Animal Sciences curriculum and the offering of courses:

1. As you know, ANIMSCI 3200 is no longer offered, and thus this impacts students in the following manner: Students entering prior to AU22 – Two of the new lab courses (0.5 cr hr each) will need to be taken in place of ANIMSCI 3200 (2 cr hr) and the additional 1 cr hr in the major can be completed by a major elective. Students entering AU22 – Two of the new lab courses are required in the new curriculum for a total of 1 cr hr. The five new lab courses are: ANIMSCI 3420 Animal Research Laboratory (SP), ANIMSCI 3430 Animal Nutrition Laboratory (AU), ANIMSCI 3440 Animal Physiology Laboratory (AU, SP), ANIMSCI 3470 Animal Health Laboratory (AU, SP), ANIMSCI 3480 Animal Welfare Laboratory (SP). Thus for SP23, ANIMSCI 3420, 3440, 3470 and 3480 will be offered.

2. With the new curriculum, ANIMSCI 2260 Data Analysis is required within the major so we are going to be offering this course both during AU and SP. For SP23, Dr. Mike Davis will be returning to teach the course online with in-person recitations.

3. A section of ANIMSCI 3140E for students in the honors program is making a comeback into the curriculum with Drs. Ben Bohrer and Brooklyn Wagner as the instructors.


Please reach out to your academic advisor, Dr. Brooklyn Wagner, or Dr. Maurice Eastridge if you have additional questions about course offerings for SP23.