Our People

Name Title Office Contact Information
Abdullah, Hafiz Poultry Operations Manager - Poultry Research Center Turkey & Poultry Centers abdullah.97@osu.edu
Absalon-Medina, Victor Adjunct Professor absalon-medina.1@osu.edu
Ahn, Jin Soo Research Associate 1 ahn.134@osu.edu
Arnett, Aaron Adjunct Associate Professor - Director of Beef Genetics, ST Genetics arnett.46@osu.edu
Ayars, Bonnie Program Specialist - Dairy / Teaching Support 222D Animal Science Building ayars.5@osu.edu
Bacon, Wayne Emeritus Professor bacon.2@osu.edu
Baker, Pari Graduate Research Associate baker.3130@osu.edu
Bault, Sarah Graduate Student bault.4@osu.edu
Benage, Mariette Student Success Coordinator 116 Plumb Hall benage.1@osu.edu
Bielke, Lisa Associate Professor 202 Gerlaugh Hall bielke.1@osu.edu
Bohrer, Benjamin Assistant Professor 110D Animal Science Bldg. bohrer.13@osu.edu
Boyles, Stephen Professor 315 Plumb Hall boyles.4@osu.edu
Brinker, Tabitha Agricultural Technician 1 Krauss Dairy Center brinker.67@osu.edu
Brummet, Shauna Adjunct Professor - President & CEO BioHio Research Park 320B Pounden Technology Development Center brummet.1@osu.edu
Burington, Katlin Agricultural Technician 1 Krauss Dairy Center burington.2@osu.edu
Campbell, Braden Program Coordinator - OSU Sheep Team campbell.1279@osu.edu
Chiavegato, Marilia Assistant Professor 310B Kottman Hall chiavegato.1@osu.edu
(614) 292-0109
Clevenger, Doug Manager - Beef Research Center Beef Research Center clevenger.2@osu.edu
Cole, Kimberly Associate Professor, Unit Supervisor: OSU Equine Center 222D Animal Science Building cole.436@osu.edu
Coleman, Grahame Adjunct Faculty - Professor, Animal Welfare Science Centre, The University of Melbourne, Australia grahame.coleman@unimelb.edu.au
Conrad, H. Emeritus Professor conrad.3@osu.edu
Copelin, Jacob Research Associate 1 copelin.3@osu.edu
Coy, Cindy Laboratory Supervisor 215 Gerlaugh coy.2@osu.edu
Cramer, Ronald Manager- Meat Laboratory 122A Animal Science Building cramer.216@osu.edu
Cressman, Michael Assistant Professor - Professional Practice 122E Animal Science Building cressman.2@osu.edu
Crist, Alexandria Beef Center Asst Manager OSU Beef Center crist.131@osu.edu
Dabrowski, Konrad Courtesy Faculty - Professor, School of Environment and Natural Resources dabrowski.1@osu.edu
Davis, Michael Professor 221 Plumb Hall davis.28@osu.edu
Day, Michael Emeritus Professor day.5@osu.edu
Di Marzo, Andrea Lecturer 230 Plumb Hall dimarzo.3@osu.edu
Dieter, Phyllis Research Associate 1 312 Gerlaugh Hall dieter.1@osu.edu
Doklovic, Paige Graduate Research Associate 1 Animal Sciences Building doklovic.12@osu.edu
Duduyemi, Ademola Graduate Student Duduyemi.1@osu.edu
Duff, Audrey Graduate Research Associate, Ph.D. 205 Gerlaugh Hall duff.97@osu.edu
Duran, Benjamin Graduate Research Associate, Ph.D. 321 Plumb Hall duran.83@osu.edu
Eastridge, Maurice Professor 221B Animal Science Building eastridge.1@osu.edu
Enger, Benjamin Assistant Professor 143 Gerlaugh Hall enger.5@osu.edu
Enger, Kellie Research Associate enger.6@osu.edu
England, Zach Research Associate 201 Plumb Hall england.143@osu.edu
England, Zachary Research Associate 1 B/H 201 Plumb Hall england.143@osu.edu
Ezeji, Thaddeus Professor 305 Gerlaugh Hall ezeji.1@osu.edu
Firkins, Jeffrey Professor 223 Animal Science Building firkins.1@osu.edu
Fluharty, Francis Emeritus Professor fluharty.1@osu.edu
Fogle, Gregg Manager - Sheep Research Center Sheep Research Center fogle.27@osu.edu
Foltz, John Chair 110B Animal Science Building foltz.75@osu.edu
Friddle, Tileesha Agricultural Technician 1 Krauss Dairy Center friddle.7@osu.edu
Garcia, Bo Graduate Research Associate 1 Animal Sciences Building garcia.951@osu.edu
Garcia, Lyda Associate Professor 122B Animal Science Building garcia.625@osu.edu
Garcia Guerra, Alvaro Assistant Professor 323 Plumb Hall garciaguerra.1@osu.edu
George, Kelly Associate Professor - Professional Practice 102 Animal Science Building george.239@osu.edu
Gourapura, Renukaradhya Professor Food Animal Health Building, CFAES Wooster gourapura.1@osu.edu
(330) 263-3748 - office; (330) 263-3618 - lab
Grifo, Anthony Emeritus Professor grifo.1@osu.edu
Grisier, Colin Fiscal Officer 1 110F Animal Sciences Building grisier.1@osu.edu
Grum, Ana Faculty Lecturer 230C Plumb Hall grum.12@osu.edu
Hanson, Juliette PAAR Director, CFAES-Wooster Veterinarian Edgington Hall, CFAES Wooster hanson.104@osu.edu
(330) 263-3752
Harding, Kari Ann Assistant Dairy Research Mgr - Krauss Dairy Center Krauss Dairy Center harding.195@osu.edu
Hargett, Amanda Program Manager - OSUN & Animal Sciences Graduate Program 222B Animal Sciences Building hargett.5@osu.edu
Hastings, Jason Assistant Dairy Research Mgr - Krauss Dairy Center Krauss Dairy Center hastings.56@osu.edu
Hatton, Beth Agricutural Technician 1 Krauss Dairy hatton.21@osu.edu
Hayden, Cameron Graduate Research Associate 202 Plumb hayden.201@osu.edu
Hemsworth, Paul Adjunct Faculty - Director, Animal Welfare Science Centre, The University of Melbourne, Australia phh@unimelb.edu.au
Hines, H. Emeritus Professor hines.2@osu.edu
Hogan, Joseph Emeritus Professor hogan.4@osu.edu
Holtsberry, Erica Manager - Animal Herd Equine Center holtsberry.50@osu.edu
Hostettler, Brent Dairy Research Center Manager - Wooster Krauss Dairy Center hostettler.9@osu.edu
Huston, Keith Emeritus Professor huston.2@osu.edu
Iloba, Ifeanyi Graduate Research Associate 307 Gerlaugh Hall Iloba.1@osu.edu
Irvin, Keith Emeritus Professor keith.m.irvin@gmail.com
Jackwood, Daral Courtesy Faculty - Professor, OARDC Food Animal Health Edgington Hall, CFAES Wooster jackwood.2@osu.edu
(330) 263-3964
Jacobi, Sheila Assistant Professor 122D Animal Science Building jacobi.1@osu.edu
Johnston, Charles Emeritus Professor johnston.7@osu.edu
Kaufman, Shawny Dairy Worker 2 Krauss Dairy Center kaufman.190@osu.edu
Kenney, Scott Assistant Professor Food Animal Health Building, CFAES Wooster kenney.157@osu.edu
(330) 263-3747 - office; (330) 263-3617 - lab (Pounden Hall)
Kieffer, Justin Clinical Veterinarian, Professional Practice Associate Professor 327 Plumb Hall kieffer.22@osu.edu
Kinder, James Professor 101 Plumb Hall kinder.15@osu.edu
Kline, Robert Emeritus Professor kline.1@osu.edu
Knapp, Joanne Adjunct Faculty - Dairy Consultant knapp.236@osu.edu
Knipe, C. Lynn Associate Professor 327 Parker Food Science and Technology knipe.1@osu.edu
Larsen, Lindsay Graduate Research Associate Gerlaugh Hall larsen.206@osu.edu
Latshaw, J. David Emeritus Professor latshaw.1@osu.edu
Lee, Chang-Won (Charles) Professor Food Animal Health Building, CFAES Wooster lee.2854@osu.edu
(330) 263-3750 - office; (330) 202-3587 - lab
Lee, Chanhee Associate Professor 313 Gerlaugh Hall lee.7502@osu.edu
Lee, Joonbum Graduate Research Associate 146 Animal Science Building lee.3920@osu.edu
Lee, Kichoon Professor 122C Animal Science Building lee.2626@osu.edu
Leighty, Christina Agricultural Technician 1 Krauss Dairy Center leighty.24@osu.edu
Lemmermen, John Farm Manager – Waterman Dairy Waterman Dairy Center lemmermen.3@osu.edu
Lemos Motta, Jessica Graduate Research Associate 321 Plumb Hall lemosmotta.1@osu.edu
Lewis, Nicholas Human Resources Generalist 18 Ag Administration lewis.1097@osu.edu
Lilburn, Michael Emeritus Professor 204 Gerlaugh Hall lilburn.1@osu.edu
Loerch, Steven Emeritus Professor loerch.1@osu.edu
Lorig, Nicole Graduate Research Associate 1 Animal Sciences Building lorig.2@osu.edu
Lyvers Peffer, Pasha Professor 214 Animal Science Building lyvers-peffer.1@osu.edu
Marsh, Glyde Emeritus Professor marsh.5@osu.edu
McCormick, Janet Research Associate 1 137 Gerlaugh Hall mccormick.4@osu.edu
McGovern, Kate Graduate Research Associate mcgovern.110@osu.edu
Meller, Rebekah Herd Manager & Nutritionist – Waterman Dairy Waterman Dairy Center meller.5@osu.edu
Miliquini, Marina Graduate Research Associate 202 Plumb Hall miliquini.1@osu.edu
Milligan, Michelle Office Administrative Associate 221 Animal Science Building milligan.4@osu.edu
Mitchell, Kelly Research Associate 1 Animal Sciences Building mitchell.1478@osu.edu
Moeller, Steven Professor and Swine Extension Specialist 222F Animal Sciences Building moeller.29@osu.edu
Morris, Julie Director-Farm Operations 129 Gerlaugh Hall morris.977@osu.edu
Moser, Bobby Emeritus Professor moser.2@osu.edu
Muir, Forest Emeritus Professor muir.2@osu.edu
Mussard, Martin Manager - Beef and Sheep Centers Beef Center mussard.1@osu.edu
Neal, Steven Courtesy Faculty - Assistant Dean, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences neal.2@osu.edu
Nestor, Karl Emeritus Professor nestor.1@osu.edu
Neville, Peter Adjunct Faculty - Animal Behaviorist
Nickles, Kirsten Graduate Research Associate nickles.31@osu.edu
Ockerman, Herbert Emeritus Professor ockerman.2@osu.edu
Okonkwo, Christopher Research Associate II okonkwo.5@osu.edu
Olorunsogbon, Tinuola Graduate Research Associate olorunsogbon.1@osu.edu
Ortiz, Mairim Graduate Research Associate ortiz.274@osu.edu
Ottobre, Joseph Professor 126 Plumb Hall ottobre.2@osu.edu
Palmquist, Donald Emeritus Professor palmquist.1@osu.edu
Parker, Charles Emeritus Professor parker.2@osu.edu
Parker, Elizabeth Associate Professor - Professional Practice 111 Gerlaugh Hall parker.1224@osu.edu
Parker, Tony Associate Chair and Associate Professor 113 Gerlaugh Hall parker.1203@osu.edu
Parrett, Ned Emeritus Professor parrett.1@osu.edu
Patterson, Cheryl Agricultural Technician 1 Turkey & Poultry Centers murphy.903@osu.edu
Pempek, Jessica Assistant Professor 205 Plumb Hall pempek.4@osu.edu
Pittaluga Rossi, Alejandro Fulbright Fellow 202 Plumb pittalugarossi.1@osu.edu
Pope, William Professor 329 Plumb Hall pope.2@osu.edu
Porter, Noah Graduate Research Associate, M.S. porter.936@osu.edu
Pritchard, Donald Emeritus Professor pritchard.3@osu.edu
Rajashekara, Gireesh Professor and Interim Head Food Animal Health Building, CFAES Wooster rajashekara.2@osu.edu
(330) 263-3745 - office; (330) 263-3986 - lab
Reed, Kelsey Office Associate Gerlaugh Hall reed.1359@osu.edu
Reed, Randall Emeritus Professor reed.2@osu.edu
Relling, Alejandro Associate Professor 114 Gerlaugh Hall relling.1@osu.edu
Rhodeback, Daniel Instructor & OSU Equine Facility Manager OSU Horse Center rhodeback.1@osu.edu
Ricker, Dale Program Specialist - Swine ricker.37@osu.edu
Rocha Rebelo, Lucas Graduate Research Associate 310 Gerlaugh Hall rebelo.2@osu.edu
Rodriguez, Melissa Graduate Fellow 202 Plumb rodriguez.913@osu.edu
Roseler, Dwight Adjunct Faculty - Associate Professor Gerlaugh Hall roseler.1@osu.edu
Rowland, Carrie Fiscal Officer 2 128 Gerlaugh Hall rowland.260@osu.edu
Saif, Linda Distinguished University Professor, Member National Academy of Sciences Food Animal Health Building, CFAES Wooster saif.2@osu.edu
(330) 263-3742 - Office; (330) 263-3616 - lab
Schanbacher, Floyd Emeritus Professor schanbacher.1@osu.edu
Scheffler, Ethan Assistant Meat Lab Manager 122A Animal Science Building scheffler.15@osu.edu
Schmidt, Glen Emeritus Professor ghschmidt31@aol.com
Selvaraj, Ramesh Adjunct Faculty - Associate Professor selvaraj.7@osu.edu
Share, Elizabeth Program Specialist 222 Animal Science Bldg. share.8@osu.edu
Shearer, Roger Agricultural Technician 2 - Sheep Research Center Sheep Research Center shearer.47@osu.edu
Shoemaker, Dianne Courtesy Associate Professor shoemaker.3@osu.edu
Sidle, Jack Farm Laborer 2 Turkey Center sidle.3@osu.edu
Smith, K. Emeritus Professor smith.149@osu.edu
Smith, Sherry Program Specialist - Dairy 222B Animal Science Building smith.10072@osu.edu
Snell, Jarrod Agricultural Technician 2 - Krauss Dairy Center Krauss Dairy Center snell.41@osu.edu
Snowden, Christine Graduate Research Associate 1 Animal Sciences Building snowden.43@osu.edu
St-Pierre, Normand Emeritus Professor st-pierre.8@osu.edu
Starr, Andraya Agricultural Technician 1 Krauss Dairy starr.208@osu.edu
Stephens, J. Emeritus Professor stephens.8@osu.edu
Stitzlein, Jacob Dairy Worker 1 Krauss Dairy Center stitzlein.39@osu.edu
Stutzman, Duane Equine/Livestock Program Specialist 156 Animal Science Bldg. stutzman.34@osu.edu
Suh, Yeunsu Research Assistant 1 138 Animal Science Building suh.83@osu.edu
Tellman, Claudia Graduate Fellow 1 Animal Sciences Building tellman.1@osu.edu
Trombetta, Mike Graduate Research Associate trombetta.14@osu.edu
Turner, Thomas Emeritus Professor tom@turnershorthorns.com
Udegbe, Francisca Graduate Research Associate 302 Gerlaugh Hall udegbe.2@osu.edu
Velleman, Sandra Professor 213 Gerlaugh Hall velleman.1@osu.edu
Vlasova, Anastasia Assistant Professor Food Animal Health Building, CFAES Wooster vlasova.1@osu.edu
(330) 263-3740 - office; (330) 263-3668 - lab
Waldon, Naomi Graduate Research Associate 202 Plumb Hall waldon.14@osu.edu
Wang, Ji Graduate Research Associate, PhD wang.10819@osu.edu
Wang, Qiuhong Associate Professor Food Animal Health Building, CFAES Wooster wang.655@osu.edu
(330) 263-3960 - office; (330) 263-3615 - lab
Wang, Yifei (Nicole) Graduate Research , Ph.D. 1 Animal Science Bldg. wang.10408@osu.edu
Waples, Amy Office Associate 116 Plumb Hall waples.9@osu.edu
Warnock, Larry Manager - Swine Center Swine Center warnock.6@osu.edu
Weisgarber, Erin Agricultural Technician I Beef and Sheep Research Center weisgarber.14@osu.edu
Weiss, William Emeritus Professor weiss.6@osu.edu
Wellert, Shaun MS Graduate Student wellert.1@osu.edu
Welsh, Jordan Agricultural Technician 2 Poultry Center welsh.172@osu.edu
Wenner, Benjamin Assistant Professor - Clinical 222E Animal Science Building wenner.20@osu.edu
White, April Graduate Research Associate 1 Animal Sciences Building white.3598@osu.edu
Wick, Macdonald Professor 225 Plumb Hall wick.13@osu.edu
Willett, Lynn Emeritus Professor willett.2@osu.edu
Winans, Madeline Research Assistant 2 B/H 102 Animal Science Building winans.26@osu.edu
Workman, Gracee Swine Operations Manager Swine Barn workman.1323@osu.edu
Wyatt, Donna Research Associate 2 309 Gerlaugh Hall wyatt.61@osu.edu
Xu, Jiahui Graduate Research Associate, Ph.D. 212 Gerlaugh Hall xu.3643@osu.edu
Yan, Ming Graduate Research Associate yan.1365@osu.edu
Yu, Zhongtang Professor 110E Animal Science Building yu.226@osu.edu
Zacks, Mary Beth Administrative Office Manager 110C Animal Science Building zacks.13@osu.edu
Zartman, David Emeritus Professor zartman.3@osu.edu
Zerby, Henry Adjunct Faculty - Professor zerby.8@osu.edu
Zhang, Boyang Graduate Research Associate, Ph.D. 224 Animal Sciences Building zhang.7077@osu.edu