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Social and educational activities.

Animal Sciences Graduate Student Association

Get involved! The Animal Sciences Graduate Student Association is a way to get to know your fellow graduate students outside of classes and research. The group gets together for various activities and volunteer events. For more information, contact the president of ASGSA or the graduate program coordinator.

Office or Role 2023-2024

Rebecca Brown - Columbus


Mauricio Oliveira - Wooster

Nicole Wang - Columbus

Secretary Shuja Majeed - Wooster

Madeline Karolak - Columbus

Graduate Student Rep to Graduate Studies Committee Naomi Waldon - Wooster
Social Chair - Columbus April White
Social Chair - Wooster Kiyeon Park
Faculty Advisor Dr. Ben Enger
Faculty Advisor Dr. Michael Cressman
Graduate Program Coordinator Amanda Hargett



Congratulations to Kush Kumar Yadav (Kenney Lab) and Menuka Bhandari (Rajashekara Lab) for receiving the 2021 Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) communication...

Congratulations to Ph.D. student, Yifei (Nicole) Wang, who won first place in the research poster competition at the American Meat Science Association (AMSA) Reciprocal Meat Conference (RMC) in Reno, Nevada.  Nicole's advisor is Dr. Ben Bohrer in...