Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism

Biochemical functions, absorptions, transport, utilization, interrelationships and nutritional requirements of selective vitamins and minerals in higher vertebrates and humans. Prereq: Coursework in Biochemistry or Vertebrate Physiology. Not open to students with credit for FdScTe 7762 or HumnNtr 7762. Cross-listed in FdScTe or HumnNtr.

Macronutrient Metabolism

In-depth treatment of digestion, absorption, transport, and utilization of dietary carbohydrates and fat for energy production and fat deposition in humans and other higher animals. Prereq: 3130 (330), HumnNtr 2310 (310), or Biochem 4511 (511). Not open to students with credit for 761, 762, HumnNtr 7761 (761 and 762), or FdScTe 7761 (761 and 762). Cross-listed in FdScTe and HumnNtr.


Functional principles of the major endocrine systems in vertebrates and preparation for research in this area. Prereq: Biochem 4511, or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for Kinesio 7730. Cross-listed in Kinesio.

Food and Nutritional Toxicology

Overview of absorption, metabolism and excretion of xenobiotics, allergenic and toxic constituents, role of diet in mutagenesis and carcinogenesis, food processing induced toxins and procedures, and laws and regulation of safety assessment of foods. Prereq: 7761 and 7762, or HumnNtr 7761 and 7762, or FdScTe 7761 and 762, and 6 cr hrs taken at the Grad level in Physiology; or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 830.09, HumnNtr 7620 (830.09), or FdScTe 7620 (830.09).

Animal Growth and Development

Addresses the advanced principles of animal growth and development as the food animal industries continue to emphasize more efficient growth rates and acceptable meat quality. Specific information will be focused on the structure and function of muscle, bone, and adipose tissues, and the interaction among nutrition, hormones, exercise, heredity and disease. Prereq: 3100, 3105, or permission of instructor.

Advanced Topics in Ruminant Nutrition

Advanced aspects of ruminant digestion, microbial fermentation, absorption, metabolism, physiology and the integration of these processes into rationing approaches will be emphasized, building on principles of ruminant nutrition from past courses. Prereq: 5031 (630.01) or equiv, or Biochem 4511 (511), or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 730.


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