Global Dairy Industries

An opportunity for students to study the culture; political, economic, and social framework; and dairy industry of another country. This course is offered in conjunction with AnimSci 3797.07 - Dairy Industry Outside the US. Concur: 3797.07. Not open to students with credit for 697.04.

Human and Animal Interactions

Students will expand their understanding of the role that animals play in shaping society, culture, and economics within the US and the non-US destination identified in the 3797.02, 3797.03, or 3797.04. This course has 3 required Saturday field trips. Prereq: Not open to students with credit for 248.

Equine Studies in Europe

First course in a two-course series (2400.01 & 3797.01) designed to give students an appreciation for how world history, government, geography, and infrastructure can impact the equine industry within a society. Prereq: 2200.01 (200), 2221 (201), or 2300H (200H), and permission of instructor. Repeatable to a maximum of 2 cr hrs.

Animals in Society

Introduction to the historical, social, cultural, economic and legal frameworks within which current human-animal relationships have evolved. Prereq: English 1110 (110) or 111, or equiv. Not open to students with credit for 240. GE writing and comm: level 2 and soc sci indivs and groups course.

Honors Introductory Animal Sciences

A study of the basic principles of genetics, breeding, reproduction, nutrition, behavior, and biotechnology as it applies to the molecular, cellular, and physical underpinnings of domesticated animal form and function. Prereq: Honors standing, or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 2200.01. GE nat sci bio course.


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