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Youth Meat Judging


Meat judging programs complement student education in agriculture through teaching how the final end product is evaluated, fabricated, and marketed. Furthermore, meats team members are exposed first hand to numerous segments of the livestock and meats industry across the U.S. Team members gain skills in observation, logical thinking, and communication.

Collegiate meats contests consist of several competition categories. Judges place ten classes of beef, lamb, and pork carcasses, and a wholesale cuts class places according to the trimness, muscling, and quality of the cut. There are also classes on retail meat cut identification for beef and lamb, yield grading of beef carcasses, and oral reasons.


The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) Southeastern Collegiate Meat Judging Contest was held April 8th and 9th at The Ohio State University and the University of Kentucky.

Meat Judging Team

The Ohio State University's Meat Judging Team places fifth at the Iowa State University Invitational.