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Focus Areas Graphic.pngThe Ohio State University Department of Animal Sciences has a unique focus for research, combining strong representation in the traditional areas in food and fiber with ever-evolving concerns surrounding the environment and bio-based technologies.

As you peruse our research areas, you will notice some trends in our scholarly programs. Research programs span species while fitting well within the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences' three Signature Areas. In addition, encompassing topics like animal health and well-being are considerations in most of the projects.

The Department’s research programs represent a broad view of animal agriculture and animal roles in society. Faculty members are constantly challenged to grow their scholarly expertise while responding to the changing needs of stakeholders.

Many faculty members have close relationships with the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine’s Departments of Veterinary Preventive Medicine and Veterinary Clinical Sciences. The Department also has close ties with the Human Nutrition Program in the College of Education and Human Ecology, including the inter-disciplinary PhD program, Ohio State University Nutrition (OSUN). Involvement is also represented in the Environmental Sciences Graduate Program (ESGP). Additionally, a number of Animal Sciences faculty members are members of the Food Innovation Center (FIC), which was created by The Ohio State University Office of Academic Affairs and Office of Research to encourage trans-institutional and inter-disciplinary scholarship across campus to address issues and problems of global dimension.

Undergraduate Research

The Department of Animal Sciences encourages and supports undergraduate research projects. Learn more about animal sciences undergraduate research by clicking here.

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Nutrition & Microbiome

Boyles, Stephen
Campbell, Braden
Chiavegato, Marilia
Eastridge, Maurice
Firkins, Jeffrey
Jacobi, Sheila
Krogstad, Kirby
Lee, Chanhee
Lyvers Peffer, Pasha
Nazmi, Ali
Relling, Alejandro
Wenner, Benjamin
Yu, Zhongtang

Development & Physiology

Bohrer, Benjamin
Cressman, Michael
Domingues, Rafael
Enger, Benjamin
Garcia, Lyda
Garcia Guerra, Alvaro
Kinder, James
Lee, Kichoon
Velleman, Sandra
Wick, Macdonald
Yu, Hui

Welfare, Human-Animal Interactions & Specialty

Cole, Kimberly
Tresoldi, Grazyne
Ezeji, Thaddeus (Bioenergy)
Knipe, C. Lynn (Food Science)

Animal Health & Disease

Gomes Neto, Joao Carlos
Gourapura, Renukaradhya
Kenney, Scott
Kieffer, Justin
Rajashekara, Gireesh
Resende, Talita
Saif, Linda
Vlasova, Anastasia
Wang, Qiuhong
Zegpi Lagos, Ramon