Infections in Chickens

Control of S. enterica infections in chickens

Gut immunology facilitates the survival of commensal bacteria by inducing anergy in immune cells directed towards commensal microbes through Regulatory T cells (Tregs). Tregs suppress immune cells directed against commensal bacteria. Dr. Ramesh Selvaraj and his lab have identified that in chickens S. enterica induce Tregs to aid the survival of S. enterica in chickens and that targeting Tregs will decrease Salmonellosis in chickens. The objective of his research study is to protect human health and to prevent human infection with S. enterica by minimizing contamination at the source. Identifying Tregs as fundamental targets to contain S. enterica, will create new avenues to prevent occurrences of S. enterica-carrier birds so the bacteria do not enter the human food chain and cause infections.