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Department of Animal Sciences


Meat Quality

Fish and poultry muscle growth/development and meat quality

Dr. Macdonald Wick’s team focuses on fish and poultry muscle growth/development and meat quality. The cellular and biochemical mechanisms underlying the processes giving rise to meat quality are unresolved. Novel molecular methodologies based on identifying and quantifying the transcriptional and translational events within muscle cells are likely to contribute to elucidating the mechanisms of growth efficiency and meat quality. Drs. Wick, Michael Lilburn, and others currently are developing the tools and preliminary data specific and unique to their laboratories to develop genetic tools that the broiler genetic companies do not currently possess but could and will utilize to improve efficiency in current commercial genetic lines. Data derived from diverse technologies, including novel high-throughput proteomics, will complement existing studies on the genome to provide a full picture of cellular metabolism giving rise to solving basic and applied problems in agriculture and human biology.