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Non-antibiotic Interventions for Sustainable Poultry Health

Increasing regulations on the use of chemicals and antibiotics in food animals has spurred research in the area of sustainable health. Poultry products continue to be an affordable source of protein world-wide, which is highly dependent upon the efficiency with which poultry grow and produce protein. Disease and nutrition account for two of the most costly components of production flocks, and maintenance of health and efficiency within the system is paramount. Without the discovery and application of sustainable alternatives for the rearing of healthy poultry flocks, production levels will decrease. Dr. Lisa Bielke looks for methods for combating disease and improving performance and will focus on non-antibiotic prophylactic and therapeutic applications. Targeted diseases include Clostridium, Coccidia, and avian influenza. Additional portions will focus on the importance of pioneer colonizing gut microflora on long term health of poultry.