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2013 Publications

2013 Publications

Ahn J, Oh S, Suh Y, Moeller SJ, Lee K. 2013. Porcine G(0)/G(1) switch gene 2 (G0S2) expression is regulated during adipogenesis and short-term in-vivo nutritional interventions. Lipids 48(3):209-18.

Alam MJ, Mamuad LL, Kim SH, Jeong CD, Sung HG, Cho SB, Jeon CO, Lee K, Lee SS. 2013. Effect of phytogenic feed additives in soybean meal on in vitro swine fermentation for odor reduction and bacterial community comparison. Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 26(2):266-74.

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Bohrer BM, Kyle JM, Boler DD, Rincker PJ, Ritter MJ, Carr SN. 2013. Meta-analysis of the effects of ractopamine hydrochloride on carcass cutability and primal yields of finishing pigs. J Anim Sci 91(2):1015-23.

Bohrer BM, Kyle JM, Little KL, Zerby HN, Boler DD. 2013. The effects of a step-up ractopamine feeding program on growth performance and low-sodium ham characteristics of purebred berkshire pigs. J Anim Sci 91(11):5535-43.

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Fraley SM, Fraley GS, Karcher DM, Makagon MM, Lilburn MS. 2013. Influence of plastic slatted floors compared with pine shaving litter on pekin duck condition during the summer months. Poult Sci 92(7):1706-11.

Gastaldello AL, Jr., Pires AV, Susin I, Mendes CQ, Queiroz MAA, Amaral RC, Gentil RS, Ferreira EM, Mourao GB, Eastridge ML. 2013. Limestone with different particle size and sodium bicarbonate to feedlot lambs fed high grain diets with or without monensin. Small Ruminant Res 114(1):80-5.

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