Advisor Meeting Prep

Preparing for an Advisor Meeting

Be prepared when meeting with your advisor and arrive on time. If unforeseen circumstances should prevent you from arriving on time, notify your advisor immediately. Be aware, if you are substantially late for your meeting you may be asked to reschedule. Failure to show for your meetings is not acceptable. Place your mobile device away during your meeting and do not respond to incoming messages.

Take time to write down the questions or concerns that you would like to address prior to the meeting. Bring your printed or electronic advising folder containing a current degree audit, your curriculum plan, and advising report. The degree audit will allow you to check your progress toward your degree and is the most effective resource for identifying courses - courses that you have completed and courses that you must complete for your degree. The degree audit will show you how courses you have completed fulfill requirements of general education, major, and minor curriculums. The degree audit also shows elective courses that do not apply to your program of study. Your degree audit is downloaded through Buckeye Link. Buckeye Link is also your source for downloading your advising report. Your advising report provides a term-by-term breakdown of courses completed and your academic standing each term.  Remember, you are responsible for your course schedule. Prior to meeting with your advisor, determine which courses you plan to enroll in for the term. Verify that you have met the course prerequisites and that courses do not pose a time conflict. Use the resources available in Academic Planning to plan your course schedule.

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