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Department of Animal Sciences


Animal Science Advisors

The following advisors are here to help with your academic needs. 

Animal Sciences Advising Team Pasha A Lyvers Peffer Brooklyn K Wagner Mariette Benage
Professor and Interim Chair Advising Coordinator Student Success Coordinator
110B or 214 Animal Science Building 110J Animal Science Building 116 Plumb Hall
614-292-3896 614-247-1768 614-292-7156
Advisor Discipline Link to Profile Contact Office
Nora M Bello Data Science Nora M Bello, Ph.D., DVM 221A ANSCI
      All species 614-247-1700
Marriette Benage Vet Tech (CSCC)  Mariette Benage, M.S. 116 PLUMB
      All species, Equine 614-292-7156
Benjamin M Bohrer Meat Science, Honors Advising Dr. Benjamin M Bohrer 110D ANSCI
      Beef Cattle, Sheep, & Swine 614-247-4951
Steve Boyles Ruminant Nutrition, Welfare Stephen Boyles 315 PLUMB
      Beef Cattle, Goats 614-292-7669
Kimberly Cole Immunology (Equine & Poultry) Kimberly Cole 222D ANSCI
      Equine, Poultry 614-292-2625
Michael Cressman Meat Science Michael Cressman 122E ANSCI
      Poultry 614-688-1980
Maurice Eastridge Ruminant Nutrition Maurice L. Eastridge 221B ANSCI
      Dairy Cattle 614-688-3059
Jeffrey L. Firkins Ruminant Nutrition, Microbiology Jeffrey L. Firkins 223 ANSCI
      Dairy Cattle 614-688-3089
Lyda G. Garcia Meat Science Lyda G. Garcia 122B ANSCI
      Beef Cattle, Sheep, & Swine 614-292-3642
Alvaro Garcia Guerra Reproductive Physiology Alvaro Garcia Guerra 323 PLUMB
      Beef & Dairy Cattle OSU Reproductive Physiology Lab 614-292-6583
Kelly George Human Animal Interactions, Animal Welfare Kelly George 102 ANSCI
      Exotic, Companion CHAIRE 614-688-3224
Ana Grum Nutrition Ana S. Grum 230C PLUMB
      Companion 614-247-8653
Sheila Jacobi Nutrition, Immunology Sheila K. Jacobi 122D ANSCI
      Swine 614-247-7863
James Kinder Reproductive Physiology James E. Kinder 101 PLUMB
      Beef Cattle 614-292-2307
Kichoon Lee Genomics, Tissue Biology, Physiology Kichoon Lee 122C ANSCI
      All species, Poultry 614-688-7963
Pasha Lyvers Peffer Nonruminant Nutrition Pasha A. Lyvers Peffer 110B or 214 ANSCI
      Swine 614-292-3896
Jessica Pempek Animal Welfare, Behavior Dr. Jessica Pempek 205 PLUMB
      Dairy Cattle 614-292-6099
Elizabeth Share Nutrition, Microbiology Elizabeth Share 206 PLUMB
      Equine 614-292-0589
Brooklyn Wagner Physiology, Animal Welfare Brooklyn Wagner 110J ANSCI
      Dairy Cattle, Swine, Poultry 614-247-1768
Benjamin Wenner Ruminant Nutrition Benjamin Wenner 222E ANSCI
      Sheep, Beef & Dairy Cattle -
Macdonald Wick Muscle Growth & Development Macdonald Wick 225 PLUMB
      All species, Aquaculture 614-292-7516
Bain Wilson Livestock Judging, Selection & Evaluation Dr. Bain Wilson 223 PLUMB
      All livestock species 614-688-0788