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Scheduling for Classes

Scheduling for Classes

Scheduling for classes is completed through your Student Center accessed through Buckeye Link. The date and time in which you can begin enrolling in courses each term is known as your enrollment appointment. Your enrollment appointment is determined by the Registrar’s Office and assigned according to priority designation (Honors, documented disabilities, varsity athletics) or rank, in the following order from earliest to latest: graduating seniors, rank 4, rank 3, rank 2, and rank 1. You can view your enrollment appointment around the fourth week of the semester through your Student Center. It is important that you plan in advance to schedule courses as soon as your enrollment appointment begins to provide you the greatest opportunity to get into the courses you want. Plan to meet with your advisor in advance of your appointment window and have preferred and alternative courses designated prior to scheduling. Verify that you have met course prerequisites in order to enroll in your preferred courses. Some courses may require instructor permission for enrollment. For courses that require instructor permission, contact the instructor of the course to secure permission for enrollment. It is at the discretion of the instructor to grant enrollment into a course that requires permission. 

If a course is closed to enrollment, you may have the option to waitlist the course. Waitlisting a course does not guarantee that you will become enrolled in the course, and likelihood of gaining enrollment is determined by your waitlist status. If you elect to waitlist a course, you will automatically be added to the class from the waitlist if an opening becomes available and there is no other class conflict in your schedule. The waitlist will not add you to classes after the first Friday of the term; thus, if you have not been added to a course by this time you should contact the instructor to determine the possibility of becoming enrolled.

You may find that you are unable to enroll in a course or courses due to a hold on your account. You can view holds placed on your account through the Student Center, which is accessed through Buckeye Link. By viewing holds you can determine the steps necessary to remove the hold and gain access to scheduling. Holds that prevent course registration, otherwise known as registration locks, occur under the following:

  • Administrative Hold  If you have financial or other obligations to OSU, an administrative hold may be placed on your account. Check your student account regularly to determine if an administrative hold has been placed for any reason.
  • Advising Hold  Rank 3 and Rank 4 students are required to visit with their academic advisor each term. Your academic advisor will release the advising hold once you have visited and discussed your academic plans.
  • Financial Responsibility Statement (pdf)  Every student is required to complete the Financial Responsibility Statement each term. A hold is placed until the statement is signed electronically through your Student Center of Buckeye link.
  • Below a 2.0 GPA If your cumulative points hour ratio is less than a 2.0, a Registration Lock is placed on your account.  Under this circumstance, you will receive a probation letter from CFAES notifying you of the action. Registration Locks placed when a GPA is below 2.0 will include the Service Indicator Code: SCH and the Service Indicator Reason Code: BL200.  You are required to meet with your academic advisor and develop a course plan before you can register for classes.  Once you have met with your advisor, your advisor will notify CFAES and the lock will be removed.  Once the lock is removed, you are responsible for enrolling in the courses discussed between you and your advisor

Once you have met with your advisor, developed a course plan, and removed any existing holds to enrollment, log-in to your Student Center through Buckeye Link during your enrollment appointment and use the Class Schedule option to enroll in courses. 

When planning your schedule each term consider using Schedule Planner, a web-based class scheduling system that provides a visual display of possible course schedules based on class and personal availability.