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Department of Animal Sciences


Animal Sciences Connect

In an effort to help enhance our sense of community within the department, we have created Animal Sciences Connect, a site where current students can:

  • Create a profile with interests and view other student profiles on the site to connect to others with similar interests. 

  • Build relationships with other students through connecting via one or all of our connection pages – Academic, Community, Creative, Emotional Wellness, Physical Wellness & Spiritual.  Each page has a form that, if filled out, will give each student access for the name and contact information of other students interested in connecting in the same way.

Animal Sciences Connect was created by students for students and we hope that this format will allow students in the Department of Animal Sciences to find other Buckeyes within our family that have similar interests to them. We recognize the great diversity within our department and want to be able to highlight that through the student profiles and Connect pages below.

Academic Connection

Looking to connect with other animal science students on campus? AS Connect brings students together that have the same interests, or that are looking for support in the same ways. Here, you’ll be able to connect with other students who are interested in academic support, whether it be with animal science courses, undergraduate research, applying to graduate school, or preparing for veterinary school.

Community Connection

This site is intended to connect animal science students with their peers across various identity factors including ethnicity, sexual/gender orientation, disabilities, first-generation identity, locational identity, amongst others. The goal of this page is to create a safe space for students of all backgrounds and to ensure that students can find a niche that makes them feel closer to home. If you are looking to connect with students who have similar identity aspects this is the spot for you!

Creative Connection

OSU campus and Columbus communities present endless opportunities to express your creative side.  People of all backgrounds can come together and find a common passion in the Creative Connection section.  From art, to music, to gardening, and video games, this page provides you with some information about what OSU has to offer and a way to connect to other animal science students that are seeking the same creative connection.  If you’re looking to connect with students that want to explore what Columbus has to offer, check out our Explore Columbus page.

Emotional Wellness Connection

The Emotional Wellness Connection resource page connects students to their peers who have, or are experiencing, emotional hardships, stress, health issues, family problems, and more. Through this connection, we hope students will speak and connect with peers dealing with similar struggles to feel less alone. One of the most powerful ways we can heal is to transform our most isolating experiences into sources of meaningful connection and forward movement through each other. 

Physical Health & Wellness Connection

If you are someone who likes to have fun, destress, or stay healthy by participating in physical activities, but don’t want to try something new alone, this Connect site page is for you! On this page, you’ll be able to connect with other students who are also looking for someone that wants to explore some of the endless opportunities offered on and off campus in the realm of physical health and wellness. 

Spiritual Connection

A critical aspect of your overall health is spiritual health. At this time in our lives, moving away from home and working through the challenges that we’re all facing, you might be struggling to find time for your spiritual health. We also know it can be hard to find people that share your beliefs, and we want to help! This page is intended to help connect animal science students with their peers of similar beliefs so that you can build your spiritual family away from home. We want to help you to connect with the campus community to find people that share your faith or can help you in exploring the possibilities.