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Create Your Own Path

So, you are interested in animals but you do not see a fit for you. Just because you are not interested in livestock, you do not see your future with companion animals, or you do not want to work in veterinary medicine does not mean you have to look beyond animal sciences. We have had recent graduates major in animal sciences with a career path in evolutionary anthropology and psychology/psychiatry. Other students have had interests in social and behavioral sciences and in whole-organism biology. Areas like animal welfare and behavior can span across species. You may be hard pressed to find a major anywhere that specifically addresses your interests, but animal science topics in, say, nutrition, physiology, or management combined with relevant disciplines across campus may provide you the background you need to pursue your goals.


  • Areas from bioenergy and microbial ecology to nutrition and medicine to economics and law may have areas of interest where the animal sciences could provide a useful niche.
  • Graduate school may be your next step, where you can still study aspects of animal sciences without a professional program path.
  • The workplace is becoming more diverse in its needs and opportunities.
  • The role of animals in our society is being contemplated in numerous diverse ways; someone needs to understand and take on these challenges.
  • World population is growing, and many regions are expanding their animal product consumption and animal ownership. Perhaps you fit into one of the teams taking on the environmental, regulation, safety, product, or social challenges.

Questions? Talk to your advisor about your goals so you can develop a program that is right for you.