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Department of Animal Sciences


Dairy Science

An obvious need exists for dairy producers, dairy nutrition consultants, as well as mammary and reproductive physiologists.  Although a multitude of opportunities within the sciences can relate to dairy science, employment opportunities also lie within the dairy breed associations, publications, and marketing.  Now is the time to jump feet first into the dairy industry because the need is there.

Career Opportunities:

  • Dairy Nutrition Consultant
  • Dairy Producer
  • Herd/Farm Manager
  • Mammary & Reproductive Physiologists
  • Embryo Transfer Technician
  • Feed Sales Representative
  • Commodity Organization Specialist
  • Milk Inspector

Major Options and 4-year Plans

Your interests in the area of dairy science may fit under any of the three available Majors or the Dairy Science Minor. Click here to investigate the options and plans.

Dairy Certificate Program

If you are interested in studying dairy science, consider the Dairy Certificate Program. You will already be taking the courses and participating in dairy-related extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. The Dairy Certification Program is a formalized program in the Department that will guide you through a set of required courses, an internship, and opportunities to participate in the Dairy Challenge, attend professional meetings, and participate in extension programs. When you graduate, you will have a strong background in dairy science and a certificate proving your knowledge and skills, making you more marketable and competitive for a career in the dairy industry. Read more on the Degree Options page.


Courses in genetics, physiology, nutrition, and management provide the basis for learning more about dairy production, management, evaluation & selection, dairy products, and animal health and welfare.  Many of the classes are taught at our animal facilities and teaching laboratories that provide hands-on opportunities for you to gain practical animal experience. Additional courses provide the basis for understanding the underlying biological and physiological mechanisms that provide the foundation for effective animal production systems. The courses you will take in the department will teach you about:

  • Dairy Herd Management
  • Dairy Cattle and Mammary Health
  • Milking Management
  • Reproductive Physiology
  • Nutrition and Pricing Feeds
  • Quality Forage Production
  • Small Business Management, Record Keeping, and Marketing
  • Building and Freestall Design

Our dairy farm allows students a unique chance to gain hands-on opportunities working with dairy cows and to learn management practices first hand. Industry guest speakers also frequent our classrooms to allow students the opportunity to network and discuss their careers.

Co-curricular Area-Specific Opportunities (click here for more teams)

  • Dairy Judging Team
  • Dairy Challenge Team
  • Academic Quadrathlon

Extra-curricular Area-Specific Opportunities (click here for more clubs)

  • Buckeye Dairy Club