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Department of Animal Sciences


Swine Science

Did you know that pork is the world’s most widely eaten meat?  Pork production is a core strength of our department, offering you hands-on access to pigs while providing strong, science-based information to prepare you for a career in food production systems.  Through courses, internships, research, and part-time student employment, you will gain practical experience and learn about:

  • Swine production and management
  • Live animal, carcass, and genetic assessment
  • Anatomy and physiology as the basis for reproduction, nutrition, and  health management
  • Critical factors influencing animal care and welfare
  • Production of high-value, high-quality, fresh and processed food
  • Relationships between on-farm, packing, and retail segments of food animal production
  • Marketing options to enhance value
  • Development of a systems approach to problem solving and enhanced decision making


  • Swine Welfare Field Advisor
  • Swine Nutrition Consultant
  • Swine Geneticist
  • Breeding & Farrowing Manager
  • Farm Manager
  • Swine Equipment & Feed Sales
  • Extension Agent
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety/Processing Manager

Major Options and 4-year Plans

Your interests in the area of swine science may fit under any of the three available Majors. Click here to investigate the options and plans.


Courses in genetics, physiology, nutrition, and meat science provide the basis for learning more about swine production, management, evaluation & selection, meat products, and animal health & welfare.  Many of the classes are taught in our animal facilities and teaching laboratories that provide hands-on opportunities for you to gain practical animal experience. Additional courses provide the basis for understanding the underlying biological and physiological mechanisms that provide the foundation for effective swine production systems.

Teams Area-Specific Opportunities (click here for more teams)

  • Livestock Judging Team
  • Meat Judging Team
  • Academic Quadrathlon

Extra-curricular Area-Specific Opportunities (click here for more clubs)

  • Saddle and Sirloin Club
  • Meat Science Club