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Veterinary Technology

Veterinary Technology Program

This program of study is designed so Ohio State Animal Science majors can earn their Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture, while also pursuing an Associate of Applied Science degree in Veterinary Technology at Columbus State Community College (CSCC). All students in the program will graduate from both institutions in the same semester.

The joint program is derived from an articulation agreement between CSCC’s Veterinary Technology Program and OSU’s Department of Animal Sciences. The CSCC program is fully accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association and is arguably the best veterinary technology program in the state of Ohio. This program of study will allow students to obtain their certification or licensure by the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners so they can perform the duties of a veterinary technician.

Career Opportunities:

  • Animal Shelter Manager
  • Laboratory Animal Manager
  • Animal Behaviorist
  • Veterinary Technician
  • Food and Animal Safety Inspector
  • Public Health Officer
  • Disease Control Specialist

Major Options and 4-year Plans

Your interests in the area of veterinary technology fit under the Animal Sciences Major and the Veterinary Technology Specialization.

All students in the program will graduate from The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College in the same spring semester of the year they plan to graduate.

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Mandatory Information Sessions

Students must attend an information session at The Ohio State University in the fall of their freshman year and then apply to CSCC online at no later than January 15th. Traditionally, students apply to the program as a freshman and start the program as a sophomore; however, sophomores can apply to the program with the understanding that they will be on a 5-year track plan to graduation. Once students are accepted, they will be notified of a mandatory meeting that will be held at Columbus State Community College in the spring. At that meeting, students will register for autumn semester CSCC courses and tour the Veterinary Technology Building. In addition, students are required to fulfill the CSCC Health requirements, pass a drug test and background check, and provide OSU transcripts (along with all other college transcripts) to CSCC.

Veterinary Technology Admissions Exam

Students applying to the joint program will be required to take the Health Education Systems Incorporated (HESI) and submit their score prior to the January 23 deadline. Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the HESI study guide in preparation for the test.

To register to take the HESI, Create an account to obtain a username and password at Register and pay for an appointment at  Arrive at your chosen testing center location 15 minutes prior to the appointment time with a valid ID and confirmation email. 


Students interested in the joint program cannot have more than 60 credit hours going towards their degree at the time of application.  A 2.5 cumulative grade point average or better is required to be eligible, and students are required to have the following courses complete prior to starting the joint program no later than autumn of sophomore year:

  • ENGL 1110 (Writing Level I)
  • MATH 1148 (College Algebra)
  • CHEM 1210 (General Chemistry I)
  • BIO 1113 (General Biology I)
  • ANIMSCI 2200.01 and 2200.02 (Introduction to Animal Sciences lecture and laboratory)

Admission Selection Process

All students that have applied by the January 23 deadline will be screened for GPA (2.5 cumulative or better), freshman or sophomore rank (junior or senior rank students are not eligible for the joint program), and submission of a HESI score. Eligible applicants will then be sorted by their HESI score, and the top 90 test scores will be admitted to the Columbus State Community College Veterinary Technology Program. OSU students wishing to join the joint program with CSCC will need to have one of the top 90 HESI test scores to be admitted to the program.

Class Location

Students will spend their first year on The Ohio State University campus as an Animal Sciences major, and their sophomore through senior years will be spent at both OSU and CSCC. The campuses are less than 15 minutes apart. In addition, all program students will complete summer coursework after their sophomore year.

Tuition and Fees

While students are in the joint program their sophomore, junior and senior years, they will be part-time at both institutions, OSU and CSCC. During this time, students will be responsible for paying part-time tuition and fees to both institutions at the rate designated by each institution. When filling out the FAFSA application, students should only declare The Ohio State University as their institution, even though they will be be part-time at CSCC. This allows students to maximize their aid, as Ohio State is more expensive to attend. In addition, this can cause financial aid problems if two institutions are listed on the FAFSA.

Financial Aid Consortium

Students with financial aid or scholarships that require full-time enrollment will need to utilize the Financial Aid Consortium. The consortium must be filled out each semester if students intend to be enrolled in less than 12 hours at Ohio State the following semester. All consortiums will initially be filled out in Plumb Hall 116 by the 12th Friday of the semester and faxed to the appropriate financial aid office. To read more about the Financial Aid Consortium, click on the following link:


An official transcript of your CSCC coursework must be sent to OSU after each semester is complete with assigned grades. Failure to send your transcript may delay/prevent students from graduating on time. Transcripts are requested through the CSCC Records and Registration Department. 

Clinical Experiences

Clinical experiences are scheduled through CSCC veterinary technology program advisors. They will place students at a clinic or hospital based on student preference and space availability. All students will complete nearly 500 hours of clinical experience. The clinical experiences are broken down over the senior year into four private site experiences, which transfer back as Animal Sciences 3191 internship credit.


The courses you take will teach you about animal anatomy and physiology, health, nutrition, genetics, and behavior. Your learning experiences at The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College are very hands on and enable you to work with a variety of animals. With state-of-the-art teaching laboratories, the opportunities to learn are endless.

Joint Program Minor Replacement

Students enrolled in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University are all required to complete a minor to graduate. However, students in the Veterinary Technology Joint Program will complete a set of courses required for the program that will fulfill the minor requirement.