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Honors and Scholars

The Honors program is an opportunity to be challenged, take advanced courses, and explore your interests in-depth through research engagement. The Department of Animal Sciences within the CFAES offers Honors Programs for students earning bachelor degrees in Agriculture and Nutrition.

Honors Program Requirements

The Honors Curriculum is tailored to challenge and grow students through incorporating advanced and accelerated courses within the program of study. Specialized honors courses with the H (Honors) or E (Embedded) designation are a requirement of the program and provide opportunity for more enriched learning experiences in a more personal atmosphere. Critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills are enhanced through the completion of the Honors Project, a research project developed within the students interest areas. The Honors Project is an opportunity for students to develop, conduct, analyze, and disseminate cutting-edge research knowledge. 

Honors Curriculum

The Honors Curriculum is prepared in consultation with the Departmental Honors Coordinator, Dr. Benjamin Bohrer. Note that the following forms may take a few moments to open. If you have difficulty opening the document, click the "Open with different viewer" button on the top right-hand side of your window.

  • Enrolled prior to Autumn 2022, select the links below

Honors Curriculum - BS Agriculture, Animal Sciences (pdf)

Honors Curriculum - BS Nutrition, Animal Sciences (pdf)

  •  Enrolled Autumn 2022 and Thereafter



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Application Criteria

Entering Freshmen

There is no minimum set of admission requirements to be considered for the Honors Program. Entering freshmen must show academic success in high school through competitive ACT/SAT scores and high school class rank. Students accepted into the University Honors Program through completing the Honors Affiliate Application during The Ohio State University admission process are eligible to apply to the Department of Animal Sciences Honors Program. To be considered a Department of Animal Sciences honors students, the following steps must be completed:

Transfer Students Enrolled at Ohio State

Transfer students from other colleges or universities within or outside of OSU that transfer into the Department of Animal Sciences with honors standing may maintain their honors status. 

Currently Enrolled Students

Current students of the Department of Animal Sciences, or from other colleges or universities within or outside of OSU that transfer into the Department of Animal Sciences, without honors standing may apply for honors status.

Ohio State Scholars Program

The Ohio State Scholars Program offers undergraduate students the chance to live and learn with other students who share similar interests. Each of the Scholars programs is centered around a theme or area of study and is open to all students regardless of major

As a Scholars student, you will be required to live in a Scholars residence hall with Scholars students in your particular program. Many of our animal sciences students in the Scholars Program will choose to participate in the Biological or Health Sciences programs; some of our students will also choose the Mount Leadership Society, a competitive program.