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Through undergraduate research, you can expand on your classroom studies through in-depth, hands-on experiences that will allow you to discover how research advances our understanding of animals. In addition, you will learn about the processes of experimental design, implementation, and analysis. Your project could include everything from isolating a specific gene to developing improved methods of estrous synchronization to investigating the workings of the digestive systems.

You have the opportunity to present your research and to compete in research presentation competitions, including (click on a name for more information):

Other presentation opportunities include industry professional meetings, such as

  • American Dairy Science Association CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum
  • American Society of Animal Sciences
  • American Meat Science Association
  • Equine Science Society
  • Poultry Science Association
  • Tri-State Dairy Conference

In addition to presenting, and possibly publishing your work, you can now graduate with Research Distinction as a non-honors program student. To graduate with Research Distinction, you must submit a research plan for approval.  To learn more, visit the requirements for Research Distinction.

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Research positions are available for undergraduate students who are interested in research in the Department of Animal Sciences.  Applicants must commit to full-time research over a 10 week period during summer 2024 and participate in the CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum spring semester 2025.  Successful applicants receive a $4000 stipend.  The award is distributed in two parts: $3500 is disbursed into your student account at the beginning of the summer of research and the remaining $500 is disbursed upon participation in the CFAES undergraduate research forum.  Research positions are located on the OSU Columbus campus and at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) in Wooster, Ohio.  Positions include:

  • Poultry Disease and Immunology
  • Mastitis & Mammary Physiology
  • Ruminant Nutrition & Microbiology
  • Nutritional Immunology & Developmental Nutrition
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Fetal Programming in Ruminants
  • Animal Models of Disease
  • Meat Science and Muscle Biology
  • Animal Genetics and Molecular Biology
Details of the positions are linked below under Application Components.

As a Participant

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan, Astronomer

Through research you will work closely with faculty and:

Learn the research process, its implication, outcomes, and the value of science in transforming knowledge.

Construct knowledge by connecting new information with learned concepts as you investigate animal sciences topics through the lens of research.

Demonstrate collaboration and communication skills as you conduct and present your research.


How hard is it to get accepted?  The program is competitive and the number of qualified applicants exceed the number of positions by 2 to 4 fold each year.  The application includes a personal statement, which is your opportunity to highlight why you are an ideal choice for a research position.   

How do I know if research is for me? Research is rewarding, but requires commitment, dedication, and persistence.  Whether research is for you, depends.  Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone, accept challenge, learn from feedback (both positive and negative), and are you willing to invest the time?  Research is the process of discovery; you will be amazed at what you learn about the discipline and yourself. 

What kind of preparation do I need to be competitive?  The type of preparation depends on the positions you are applying to.  You will receive appropriate training in animal handling and lab techniques as required to be successful in your research studies.  Students of all ranks, including freshmen, have been accepted into the program. 

Can I receive academic credit?  All participants are required to enroll in a course during the summer of research. You can use the research experience for internship credit (ANIMSCI 3191), individuals studies credit (ANIMSCI 4193), or graduation with research distinction credit (ANIMSCI 4999).  To be eligible for 3191 credit, you must be a major within the Animal Sciences department and are required to adhere to the departmental internship program requirements (  For eligibility for 4999 credit, you must develop an independent research project proposal in consultation with your research mentor and must submit a plan for research distinction to the Department of Animal Sciences and to CFAES.  The plan for research distinction must be pre-approved.  In addition, a final oral component and research thesis is required (  ANIMSCI 4193 is open to all majors and requires a minimum 2.5 GPA and permission of the research mentor.  Research experiences cannot be used to fulfill more than one course.  In addition, these experiences are for non-honors students and are not eligible for honors research distinction (4999H).


Minimum requirements for application to these positions include: 

  • OSU undergraduate student on the Columbus campus
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50
  • Anticipated graduation date of spring 2025 or later

Application Components

To apply you will need: 

  1. Application form (link to pdf application form...may take a few moments to load. Open document with Adobe for fillable format. Depending on your browser, you may need to click "Open with Different Viewer" in the top right-hand corner for fillable form format.)
  2. Personal statement, submitted as part of the application form, discussing your academic intentions, career goals, interest in research, and why the positions chosen interest you.  
  3. Resume
  4. Your most recent advising report, including autumn term grade postings (link to

Additional details and position descriptions.

Submission Instructions

E-mail a copy of the application requirements (as attachments) no later than 5:00 pm February 16, 2024 to:

Include in the subject: ANIM SCI UGR Experience Application 2024.  Once your application materials are received, you will receive a confirmation email.

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