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Department of Animal Sciences


Meat Judging Team

Supervisor: Dr. Lyda Garcia

The Ohio State University Meat Judging Team is an educational and competitive extracurricular activity that competes on a nationwide basis. The meat judging program complements student education in agriculture through teaching how the final end product is evaluated, fabricated, and marketed. Furthermore, meats team members are exposed first hand to numerous segments of the livestock and meats industry across the U.S. Team members gain skills in observation, logical thinking, and communication.

Collegiate Meats contests consist of several competition categories. Judges place ten classes of beef, lamb, and pork carcasses, and a wholesale cuts class places according to the trimness, muscling, and quality of the cut. There are also classes on retail meat cut identification for beef and lamb, yield grading of beef carcasses, and oral reasons.

Students interested in becoming a member of the Meat Judging Team need to enroll in MEATSCI 3310, Meat Animal and Carcass Evaluation, to learn about the factors that influence value of meat animals, carcasses, and wholesale cuts in accordance with recognized grading standards. Upon completion of the class, any student wishing to become a member of the team simply attends practices and contests during the following Autumn quarter.

The Ohio State University has had an intercollegiate Meat Judging Team since 1928. The current team competes at six contests annually, beginning with the Southeastern in Louisville, Kentucky, and concluding with the International Meat Judging Contest in Dakota City, Nebraska, in November. OSU teams won the National Contest in 1932 and 1947.

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